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Accessories for today’s women

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Simple Elegance, is an accessories company with the knowledge, know how and ability to give today's woman accessories that they can interchange and continue to wear at other times and the pieces never seem to go out of style.  They can be worn today, tomorrow and in the future and you will continue to receive complements on the accessories you have chosen.  The pieces are fashioned after the concept of the business that accessories, jewelry, earrings, pins, scarfs and necklace sets will look very simple and be very elegant.  The pieces don't have to scream at you they enhance and complete the outfit you are wearing.  


Simple Elegance, is a service oriented business and our clients know that when Valerie C. Dixon, Owner helps them with finding the right piece to complete their outfit that they will receive complements on that one of a kind piece and never see themselves coming and going in it.  I pride myself on creating  pieces that truly speak volume and yet show what women like to wear and what works for them.   I have no problem in saying to a women, “ No that's not you”.  I want them to get it, keep it, and continue to wear and receive complements  on it and continue to shop with Simple Elegance.


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